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"Are YOU interested in taking over"

Since the World Cup in 2010 when the site was created, has been through a lot of changes, grown its loyal base of supporters and fans, and made friends in the football sticker community. Our checklists are relied upon by many sticker fans, our reviews enjoyed by football memorabilia hunters and I regularly receive comments and feedback on how much the site is appreicated and relied-upon by collectors and sticker fans around the world.

Unfortunately these days I'm not able to dedicate as much of my time to as I'd like. With a new young family around, time just hasn't been there to expand the album reviews, update the checklist sheets and develop the features on the site. I'm looking to step away from the maintenance of the website now, but given how much is used by the community I'm hoping to be able to pass it along to someone else to run. If you'd be interested in buying the site, leading it forward and developing it, please do get in touch.
October 2016


"Premier League Stickers 2016 - Merlin engine purring"

Merlin back doing what it does best. I say Merlin, it is of course just a Topps album with a Merlin logo in the title. Either way, Topps seem to be making more of an effort with them since adding the Merlin brand back into the mix. It seems they want to keep the Merlin engine running as well as it did back in the glory days. And why not, we say. Check out the album review and get your copy of the checklist PDF here. As usual, we'd love your feedback and comments to drop us an email at
December 2015


"Champions League 2016 seems to have a different logo to usual...?"

Topps are quite the cheeky monkeys it would appear, having taken the rights to the 2016 Champions League album away from Panini this year. Perhaps they've done a straight swap for the England 2016 album that Topps would normally have done? Or perhaps Panini have made UEFA, and the FA very cross for some reason?! Either way, the album review and checklist are available here,and we would love to hear your theories on what's going on!
December 2015


"The Italians Get England! The FA go for Panini in 2016"

In an unexpected change of approach, the English FA have awarded Panini the opportunity to run with the England team for Euro 2016. Licensing has been given to Panini over Topps/Merlin for the coming tournament in a 4-year deal. Take a look at our album page here, and let us know your feedback on the album
September 2015


"Topps Go Back to Merlin for Premier League 2015"

The Merlin years really were the golden-years for our football sticker memories. Perhaps Topps are thinking the same as they brand this year's Premier League football sticker collection with the Merlin wizard once again. They've done more than revive the logo for posterity though, with the album having a completely different feel to previous iterations of this annual collection. Take a look here for our album review and checklist. And, as ever, let us know your feedback.
December 2014


"World Cup 2014 Sticker album officially confirmed by Panini, plus guess the front cover!"

Panini announced on the 24th January 2014 that it has been given the official license by FIFA for the 2014 World Cup. Not a massive surprise as they've been producing them since 1970, but good to know, none-the-less. You can read the official Panini press release here Plus, has been able to reveal the front cover image for the Brazilian edition. It's almost as though we're psychic! We took a stab at guessing the design of the front cover back in October 2013, low and behold, we're practically spot on! Take a look for yourselves here at our World Cup page.
January 2014


"Fresh out today... Panini UEFA Champions League 2014 Sticker Album"

How's that for service?! In under 12 hours we've completed our album review and, for your delight and delectation, a checklist all for your very own!

Please take a look, as ever we're very keen to hear your feedback. This year's champions league football sticker album has a few extra suprises for you as well. So be sure to read all about them!
October 2013


"All change! Next stop, domain change!"

In case you haven't noticed, is no more. Instead, you're now looking at! This change has been a long time coming and is largely why there's not been a lot of action on the site over the last few weeks, as far as our visitors can see at least.

The domain was changed because we had a lot of feedback from users looking for the "swapping section". I suppose the old domain name was a little mis-leading in that it implied that we actually swap stickers. So fair enough. Now however, there can be no confusuion! We are a wikipedia of football stickers! Plain and simple.

We think we've caught all the bugs, the gremlins, the Murphy's and their laws, but, if you spot an error please do let us know so that we can fix it. Otherwise, please enjoy the new site!
August 2013


"Friends with Football Cards Forum"

We've been making new friends! We've now got pals over The chaps over there know their stuff,they see a lot of traffic coming through the discussion boards talking largely about football trading cards, but their stickers section is well populated too. are members as well and try often to lend our assistance and expertise to the open threads where we can. Look forward to chatting!
June 2013


"Checklists... as far as the eye can see!"

Overhaul time again. This time our Checklists page has been tweaked. Instead of the old hap-hazard groupings, we've decided to make the page into a single table, with a checklist per line. The checklists are arranged in year order, grouped as 'Domestic', 'Champions League', 'Euro' and 'World Cup'. Hopefully our visitors will be able to find the checklist they're looking for now. Take a look at the Checklists page and tell us what you think.
May 2013


"New selection of FKS album pages"

Spring has been busy for us here at A lot of new content arriving on the site, most notably a large pile of FKS Soccer Star albums have been across our desks. Check out their album pages and checklists in the Others album index. Drop us an email if you've got any feedback.
April 2013


"Come and 'poke' Football Stickipedia on Facebook!"

Check it out! We're now available to tag, like, poke and whatnot. Our new facebook page is here and we're looking for new friends. Stop by and give us a like to keep up-to-date with new album pages and checklists as we release them on the site.
March 2013


"Football Stickipedia quoted and contribute to article in the Metro!"

There's an amazing article on football stickers, appeared today in the Metro newspaper. Football Stickipedia Founder Oliver Solly is quoted in several places. You can read the article, "Swap you a Chris Waddle for an Arsenal ‘shiny’… The magic of football stickers" in their digital edition here now!
January 2013


"Release date for the Topps Premier League 2013 Sticker Collection"

Our inside sources have provided us with some very very interesting news... the new Premier League sticker collection from Topps is due for release on the 13th December 2012! Not long now until you can get your hands on Raheem Stirling and the other new Premier League football sticker stars. If you cant wait that long, we've already build a new page for the 2013 collection, so feel free to take a peak and get a flavour of what's to come!
November 2012


"We've been quiet over the summer, but now it's time to add some more content in the build up to the new Premier League sticker album!"

We've got a stack of newly acquired content to add to the site over the next few weeks, so watch this space! We've got the elusive Panini Football 1992 album finally, a selection of Scottish albums (after a lot of requests) and a variety of other collections. As well as new albums, we're also still working on new checklists. So, if you've got any special requests drop us an email and we'll see about moving yours to the top of the to-do list. Plus, its not long now until the new Topps Premier League Sticker Album for the 2012-13 season - we expect to see the 2013 edition in the early new year.
October 2012


"Panini London 2012 Official Olympics Sticker Album Released!"

A little over a month to go before the 30th Olympiad, and Panini have released their second big sticker album of the summer. The Olympics sticker album is unlike any of our football pages - although there are a few pages of footballers hidden in the there somewhere. Take a look at the page now and let us know what you think
June 2012


"The Trilogy is complete! We've finally tracked down the 2002 Panini Champions League Album"

We hope you're as excited as we are! After trekking the Andes, exploring the darkest jungles, surveying deep oceans and spending quite literately some time looking on eBay, we finally got hold of the missing 2002 Champions League album. The page is live now and you can take a look at it here. Checklist for this album is added to the bottom of the list for us to get to as soon as we can.
May 2012


"Panini Euro 2012 Official Sticker Album Released! Download the checklist NOW!"

Two weeks after Topps' England 2012 Sticker Album comes the Panini UEFA Euro 2012 Poland-Ukraine Official Sticker Album. We didn't have to wait long! The review page is already live here on StickerSwapping, as is the free checklist for you to download and print at your leisure. We hope it's all to your liking. We'll be sending out one of our email newsletter to our subscribers in the next few days to announce to our mailing database that now both the Euro 2012 album's are available for you all to collect. If you're not already on our list then sign-up!
March 2012


"New early Champions League Panini albums now live on the site"

Earlier this week we here at StickerSwapping became the proud owners of a 1999-2000 and a 2000-2001 Panini Champions League Official Sticker Collections! We've wasted no time in turning these around for you and you can now view each of the pages for the albums here and here respectively. Let us know any feedback you may have, as always at
March 2012


"Topps England 2012 Official Sticker Collection now released, our page is live and our checklist available for download!"

Fiiiiinally, there's a Euro 2012 football sticker album out there to get started on! Topps have beaten Panini to the mark, with their England 2012 album hitting shops ahead of Panini's official UEFA offering. We've wasted no time here at StickerSwapping - the page is now live, and you can also download the checklist for the album, to keep track of your 'gots', your 'needs' and your 'swaps'!
March 2012


"Panini Announce Adrenalyn XL Euro 2012 Cards, no news on Stickers"

Panini have finally put live the first of their Euro 2012 offerings, problem is, it's the wrong one as far as we're concerned - the Adrenalyn XL cards! We've been keeping our ear to the ground, but still no firm news on a release date for the sticker album.
February 2012


"We've added an 'Album Timeline' page"

We're quite excited about this one, a page which puts all our football sticker collections into chronological order. Now as well as using the Merlin Index, Topps Index and Panini Index pages, you can also view all our albums in the order they were produced. As you'll see from the Album Timeline page, our oldest football sticker album is from 1970!
February 2012


"Capello Quits!"

England Manager Fabio Capello has quit after a row with the FA over former England Captain John Terry's position in the team. I sure hope he's not already written the introduction to the Topps England 2012 Euro 2012 Sticker Collection, else they'll have to get someone else in sharpish before they go to print.... Redknapp anyone?!
February 2012


"Lots of new content"

We have been working our behind's-off to upload plenty of new ablums and collecitons, you may have noticed all the extra pages that have been appearing in both the Merlin and Panini sections? Why not give us some feedback on the new albums? We're going to work on some of the older Panini World Cup albums in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space.
Febraury 2012


"Rumours are hotting up about the new Euro 2012 albums"

We've started hearing about the Panini and the Topps Euro 2012 sticker albums. From what little we've found out so far it looks like they're due for a spring release, as usual Panini getting the usual UEFA licenses with their Panini Euro 2012 sticker album, whilst Topps will be offering Topps England 2012 with the English FA's backing.
January 2012


"Panini to Release 2012 Olympics Sticker Album"

Yes, you have read that correctly! Panini will be doing a London 2012 collection. Cant wait to see it. We'll keep you updated with news as we hear it. Looking forward to getting a Ben Ainslie or Rebecca Adlington shiny.
December 2011


"Merlin Premier League 97 Checklist Added"

Hold onto your hats checklists fans! You've now got the chance to get your hands on the 4th Merlin Premier League ablum checklist, the 1997 edition. That's the one with the aqua-green cover featuring Alan Shearer and friends. Head over to the checklist page or the album page now to download yours for free.
December 2011


"Topps Premier League 2011-2012 Sticker Collection OUT NOW!"

It's here, it's finally here! We've got our copy, so watch this space for it to appear in the Topps Index, green with white trim.
December 2011


"A Raft of New Merlin World Cup Albums"

A stack of Merlin World Cup albums have landed in our laps this month and we've been burning the midnight oil to get them online for you. Head over to the Merlin Index to take a look through the new ones.
November 2011


"StickerSwapping on New Server"

After an appauling 'delete the entire site' incident, we've moved our site across to a new hosting and management company. Rest assured, we wont lose you again! We've migrated all the conent from our backups and are now looking to expand the selection of checklists and album pages.
November 2011


" in this months new edition of Four Four Two magazine!"

We've been contacted by the journalists over at the UK's biggest football magazine. If you take a look in this week's new Four Four Two Magazine you can read about the history of football stickers, and our contribution to their article.
August 2011