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In our eternal search for more and more albums and information, we've come across a number of useful websites, resources and librarys of historic football sticker collections. As well as reading over these sites and checking our own information against them, we've also built up working relationships with several of the admins and moderators. Several of these 'partner' sites are here below.


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If you've got 50 Fabian Barthez stickers from Merlin's Premier League 2001 Sticker Collection, then you're probably going to be looking to offload 49 of them (unless you are a Barthez super fan of course!). is your best bet. With over 500 different collections, both football stickers and other collectable card and sticker collections and members in over 30 countries worldwide, you're likely to find someone to take Barthez off your hands in place of a Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink! 

Click the logo above and register to get your collection completed!

The Football Cards Forum is an excellent resource, with over 4,000 members, they see a lot of traffic coming through their discussion boards talking largely about football trading cards, but their stickers section is well populated too. are members as well and try often to lend our assistance and expertise to the open threads where we can.

Click on their logo above to drop in for a visit. You can also check out their twitter feed on the left of the page here.





Recently launched website contacted for assistance with one of their sections called ‘Sticker Album’. Here they feature completed pages from sticker albums, particularly ones from the 70’s and 80’s, bringing back a lot of memories for people. We'll be partenering with them to provide various football sticker images.

The site, which also has an accompanying app, is all about about retro football, culture and style. There is even a hope to launch it as a bi-monthly magazine in the New Year!





The number one Football Card and Sticker website for Match Attax, Adrenalyn XL, Panini stickers and so much more from here in the UK and around the world. The webite is still a work in progress with 1000’s of new items still to be added so always worth checking back for the new additions.




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Pavle is the author over at Cardz Review. His website is where he shares his love, passion and knowledge about collecting trading cards, stickers and much more. He's been an avid collector for years now, and at one point decided that the things he'd learned need to be shared. He will be sharing anything that can help you take your collection, to the next level.