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This site keeps you updated on all things 'football sticker'. New releases, past collections, number checklists and useful links. It is a one-stop-shop, a "stickipedia" for football stickers.

You'll find Panini albums on the Panini page, Topps albums on Topps page, and, thats right, you guessed it, Merlin stickers on the Merlin page. Everything else is on the Others page. Primarily focused on Football stickers, the site documents all the new releases, as well as taking a look back through the decades of football sticker collections.

We currently have collections covering football as far back as possible, we'll get them all before long! There are a few curve balls thrown in there too, a few card collections here, maybe a non-football sticker collection there. Think of them as added bonuses!



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Since the World Cup in 2010 when the site was created, has been through a lot of changes, grown its loyal base of supporters and fans, and made friends in the football sticker community. Our checklists are relied upon by many sticker fans, our reviews enjoyed by football memorabilia hunters and I regularly receive comments and feedback on how much the site is appreicated and relied-upon by collectors and sticker fans around the world.

Unfortunatly these days I'm not able to dedicate as much of my time to as I'd like. With a new young family around, time just hasn't been there to expand the album reviews, update the checklist sheets and develop the features on the site. I'm looking to step away from the maintenance of the website now, but given how much is used by the community I'm hoping to be able to pass it along to someone else to run. If you'd be interested in buying the site, leading it forward and developing it, please do get in touch.

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