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Founded in 1989 as Merlin Publishing Ltd, the company's first album was the 'Team 90 Football Sticker Album', after a gap of four years in which they released no football sticker albums, the outfit was awarded the license for the newly established Premier League. This was to be Merlin's big chance, and Merlin's Official Premier League 94 football collection won rave reviews when it was launched in 1994 and has become, annually, the world's best-selling sticker collection. Their success was a surprise even to them as multiple reprints were needed to match demand for the Premier League 94 sticker collection.

By 1995, the company's progress was such that it won the prestigious Price Waterhouse/ Independent on Sunday award for the fastest growing privately held British company. The success was sufficient to catch the eye of the American firm Topps Company Inc., who in 1995 acquired Merlin Publishing, with an aim of expanding their European coverage. The brand was maintained as Merlin Stickers as this was the form in which the company had established their successful sticker series, the name by now was well known and respected by its customers.

Eventually, in 2008 and 2009 Merlin Stickers was rebranded as Topps, with the new Topps Total Football 2009 Premier League sticker album. The series still goes strongly today as the number of sticker collections with a Topps logo on the front now continues to grow.

Did you know...?

We've been contacted by a former Panini employee who has confirmed rumours that suggested Merlin Publishing was initially formed by ex-Panini employees who left the firm when it was bought by the Maxwell Corporation! Our contact says that Peter Dunk, the Panini editor and the sales director Kelvyn Gardner, both set up Merlin with a third individual who'd worked previously at WHSmiths.

This contact also gave us some very interesting information regarding the market surveys done one year in the mid-80's - "over 90% of 9-11 year old males had purchased Panini football stickers that year". Astonishing figures there from this source who went on to describe the product as "selling itself". Thank you for the interesting information!



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Football League

Merlin Team 90 Album CoverTeam 90   Merlin Premier League 94 Album CoverPremier League 1994
Merlin Premier League 95 Album CoverPremier League 1995      Merlin Premier League 96 Album CoverPremier League 1996
Merlin Premier League 97 Album CoverPremier League 1997   Merlin Premier League 98 Album CoverPremier League 1998
Merlin Premier League 99 Album CoverPremier League 1999   Merlins Premier League 99 Transfer Update Album CoverPremier League 99 Transfer
Merlin Premier League 2000 Album CoverPremier League 2000   Merlin Premier League 2001 Album CoverPremier League 2001
Merlin Premier League 2002 Album CoverPremier League 2002   Merlin Premier League 2003 Album CoverPremier League 2003
Merlin Premier League 2004 Album CoverPremier League 2004   Merlin Premier League 2005 Album CoverPremier League 2005
Merlin Premier League 2006 Album CoverPremier League 2006   Merlin Premier League 2007 Album CoverPremier League 2007
Merlin Premier League 2008 Album CoverPremier League 2008   See our Topps page for Premier
League albums 2008-2014!
Merlins Premier League 2015 Album CoverPremier League 2015   Merlins Premier League 2016 Album CoverPremier League 2016



World Cup


European Champions

Merlin World Cup Sticker Collection Italia 90 Album CoverItalia 90   Merlin Euro 96 Album CoverEngland 96
Merlin England 98 Album CoverEngland 98   Merlin Europe 2000 Album CoverEngland 2000
Merlin England 2002 Album CoverEngland 2002   Merlin England 2004 Album CoverEngland 2004
Merlin England 2006 Album CoverEngland 2006    
World Cup albums after
2006 are on our Topps Index
  Euro albums after 2004 are on
our Topps Index



Kick Off



Merlin Kick Off 98 Album CoverKick Off 1997/98   Merlin Premier League Sticker Quiz Collection Album CoverSticker Quiz Collection
Merlin Kick Off 2007 Album CoverKick Off 2006/07    
Merlin Kick Off 2008 Album CoverKick Off 2007/08    



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