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“Congratulations – you’re the proud owner of Merlin’s Official England 98 World Cup Sticker Collection, your companion to England’s 1998 World Cup campaign.

'Footix' the FIFA World Cup 98 MascotFor quite a few years now club football has enjoyed fantastic revival. There’s hardly a man or boy in the country who doesn’t follow a team – and lots of girls too! The upsurge in the national team’s form took a little longer, but starting with the great show which England put up in Euro 96, we’ve been able to prove that we can give anyone a game. We qualified for the 1998 World Cup finals in style as winners of Group 2, and beat off opposition from Brazil, Italy and France to win the prestigious Tournoi de France last summer.

As the team begins final preparations for France, England are 4th in the FIFA World Rankings. What a change from four years ago, when the whole nation felt the pain of not taking part in the USA World Cup. With all the signs looking so positive it’s important that we don’t get carried away on the wave of expectation. While England are now equipped to deal with the world’s best teams, we must remember that there is a long way to go yet. There are a lot of great sides in the competition and there’s a lot of football to be played.

The World Cup is the pinnacle of any player’s sporting career. I was fortunate enough to represent England in the 1982 and 1986 World Cups and am deeply honoured and thrilled at the prospect of leading the team out into Marseille’s Stade Velodrom on June 15th for our first game against Tunisia.

I know you’ll stick with us right through the tournament, and collecting Merlin’s Official England 98 World Cup stickers and completing this album is a great way to become the World Cup expert in your house. To help you follow our path there’s a special World Cup Progress Chart in this album so you can record England’s performances, and a handy TV guide so you never have to miss a game. Keep playing, keep watching – and get stuck in with your England collection. We’re counting on your support!”

- Glenn Hoddle, England Team Coach


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Merlin's England 1998 World Cup Sticker Collection

  • Season: 1998Merlin England 98 Album Cover
  • League: World Cup
  • Publisher: Merlin
  • Pages: 72
  • Stickers: 308
  • Shinys: England Team Coach, England Badge, England Kit, one player per England qualifying match, Alan Shearer, Lego Logo, 2 x Group Star Players and Club Badges
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No. Try eBay?
  • Hardcover Binder: Yes
  • Sticker Dimensions: 54mm x 68mm & 61mm x 85mm

Merlin England 98 Sticker PacketMerlin's Official England 98 World Cup Sticker Collection is full of statistics and extra information, it’s surprising they had the room to squeeze in some football stickers! The introduction page is written by England Team Coach, Glenn Hoddle, with a nice shiny sticker of the man himself waving his fists in triumph. Pages 2 shows ‘The Road to France’ with text running through the England campaign’s background, historic managers and the stickers for club badge, kit and manager. The facing page discusses England’s recent success at Tournoi de France, and contains stickers to go along with the ‘Manager Profile’ section.

The next 28 pages detail each match that England has played on the road to the World Cup. Each double-spread shows a match review, with stats, key player information, a player profile and the starting team sheet. Stickers on these pages are mostly live action shots taken from each game. Following on from this section, ‘The England Squad’ examines the player appearances under Glenn Hoddle, before giving each squad member a sticker over the following pages. A tournament progress chart comes next, and then the ‘Lego Golden Moment’ double-spread which contains 5 stickers looking back over the England team history.

Having got that lot out the way, the album moves onto the World Cup teams. Split into groups, the first page looks at fixtures and analysis on the group, with stickers for players to watch. The following 3 pages are allocated to the teams, with two pages for the two ‘bigger’ teams, and the last page shared between the two ‘smaller’ teams making up the group. There are two players per sticker here, with supporting stats and data going down the side column. And of course, the shiny club badge stickers.

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