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“Hello and welcome to Merlin’s England 2004, the only official England sticker collection for this summer’s European Championship.

'Kinas' the UEFA Euro 2004 MascotFirstly, may I say what an honour it is to be England’s Head Coach and it is with great pride that I take the squad to Portugal this summer. Since joining in 2001, I have been very fortunate to play a part in some truly memorable experiences with the England team – qualification for the 2002 World Cup, a marvellous Finals hosted splendidly by Japan and South Korea, and now the prospect of a European Championship Finals.

Along the way there have been some incredible performances too. Who can forget the team’s display to defeat Germany 5-1, or the spirited 1-0 win against Argentina? Even more recently, the brave performances against World Cup semi-finalists Turkey have shown the great character within the squad and also that we are capable to confidently overcoming even the toughest fixture. Indeed, the progress I have seen the squad make  fills me with optimism and I will be doing my best to help all the players fulfil their potential in the Finals.

It won’t be easy though. Our opening game against France, the current European Champions and the 1998 World Cup winners, illustrates the level of competition in the tournament. Along with out other Group B opponents, Croatia and Switzerland, some difficult fixtures are ahead, but we can take comfort in knowing that they will fear the prospect of facing a full-strength England side.

It all promises to be a wonderful occasion for everyone involved, including you the supporters. As a lucky owner of Merlin’s England 2004 Sticker Collection, you can keep a careful eye on England’s progress and all of the opposition. Not only are there in-depth profiles of the England players, but there is also a detailed look at all the other competing teams and you can keep your own record of the Finals with the fantastic wallchart.

Your support is crucial to England’s hopes, so get behind the team and enjoy what promises to be a fantastic tournament – the squad is counting on you.”

- Sven-Goran Eriksson, England Head Coach

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Merlin's England 2004 Sticker Collection

  • Season: 2004Merlin England 2004 Album Cover
  • League: European Championships
  • Publisher: Merlin
  • Pages: 64
  • Stickers: 369
  • Shinys: England Badge, England Kits, England Manager, Star England Squad Members, England Players, Finals Stadium, Star Player per team, Country Badges, Certificate of Completion
  • Signature Edition: For the England players
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No. Try eBay?
  • Hardcover Binder: Yes
  • Sticker Dimensions: 54mm x 68mm & 61mm x 85mm

Merlin England 2004 Sticker Packet

Merlin's England 2004 Official Sticker Collection is the second Merlin sticker album to have a foreword written by Head Coach, Sven-Goran Eriksson. And, along with a large photo of Sven in all his glory, the first page also shows a large shiny sticker of the England Three Lions.

Seeing as Panini are the official sticker supplier for UEFA and FIFA, the Three Lions is the only genuine  team logo to appear in the album, and, as with all the other ‘England’ albums, the other international teams have got photo-shopped kits and badges, as Merlin/Topps only have permission to replicate the England team’s images. Conversely, all Panini albums only show a plain white strip for England and a faked badge – as the FA won’t share the England rights, and visa versa with FIFA/UEFA.

Turning the page we see and summary page on Sven, with a bio and two large stickers, a small stats box is squeezed in at the bottom too. The facing page contains two large shiny stickers for the kits, on for the squad photo and gets the squad stickers started with three goalkeeper stickers. The ‘Road to Portugal’ follows and the next few pages contain stickers of the other squad members, moving through defenders, midfielders and on to forwards. Following from that, each player receives a bigger space with a shiny and a regular sticker – some even get a page to themselves and several extra stickers. These player pages also contain bio text and performance statistics.

Merlin England 2004 No.319

The venues feature next, with a sticker per stadium. The stadium holding the final is a large shiny. The group pages each get a double-spread summary, with a country in each corner – a sticker of the star player and the manager, along with a diagram of the team formation and brief introductions. Then the countries each get a double-spread, containing 14 squad member stickers and a flag shiny (no real badges as Merlin to have rights for UEFA or FIFA tournaments).

The back page contains a space for the massive shiny ‘Certificate of Completion’ sticker.

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