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"On May 5th 1992, the Football Association learned that England had been chosen to stage the finals of the 1996 European Football Championships – Euro ’96.

'Goliath' the UEFA Euro 96 MascotEvent at that time, the news was seen as an important milepost in signalling the revival of football in England, and our re-entry into the world football stage. In the years since the announcement, the level of interest in the sport in England has grown enormously. Not only has this justified the faith of the Football Association in its original pitch for Euro 96, but it means that the tournament will take place against a backdrop of football enthusiasm that few could have imagined back in 1992.

The stupendous success of the F.A. Premier League has set the pace, and, in the context of Euro 96, has introduced English fans to dozens of star players from all over Europe, many of whom will grace the stage of Euro 96 this summer. Names such as Cantona, Dumitrescu, Ginola and Gullit have whet English appetites for the arts of continental football, and have shown how the British and European games can complement each other to produce an intoxicating mix. Neither have Scottish fans missed out, with a series of star names taking the field for top clubs in the Premier Division.

We hope that Merlin’s Euro 96 sticker collection will provide you with much to enhance your enjoyment of the championships. Building your collection before the big kick-off on 8th June, you’ll be able to savour and anticipate the excitement of the event. As usual, our details stats are you guide to the European form book, and you can follow the progress of the tournament with our results pages. When you’ve completed the set, you’ll have an authentic souvenir of Euro 96. This may be the first major international soccer championship in England since the 1966 World Cup – with your help the next one will not be so long in coming.”

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Merlin's Euro 96 Sticker Album

  • Season: 1996Merlin Euro 96 Album Cover
  • League: European Championship
  • Publisher: Merlin
  • Pages: 80
  • Stickers: 330
  • Shinys: Euro 96 Logo, Euro 96 Mascot, Team Badges, 2-part team star players, some single team special players, 2-part European Championship Trophy.
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No. Try eBay?
  • Hardcover Binder: No.
  • Sticker Dimensions: 54mm x 68mm

Merlin Euro 96 Sticker PacketUnfortunately, Gazza didn’t notify Merlin that he planned to score one of the most memorable goals a player has ever scored in an England shirt – otherwise he and Merlin would almost certainly have tried to setup some sort of ‘premonitory’ mocked-up photo shoot, so the image could have been used on the front cover. As it was, Merlin settled on a rather busy looking title set on a backdrop of England fans in a stadium.

The opening page of Merlin’s UEFA Euro 96 Official Sticker Album contains the introduction and shiny stickers of the championship logo and mascot. England open the album and the first double-spread show the badge shiny, a crowd sticker, manager Terry Venables, and a David Platt two-part shiny sticker. Also appearing here are the scores from previous meetings between the group A members, and a list of England’s past performances in the championships. There are 3 pages of squad football stickers, meaning 22 England players to collect and stick in. Alongside each sticker is a list of stats such as international performances and club background. The sixth England page examines England’s history, with a look back at past managers, interesting trivia, and a leader board of top international goal scorers. There is a two-part sticker on the page of the 1966 World Cup Final.

Merlin Euro 96 No.145Other teams throughout the album have a similar arrangement of stickers and details, some get a little cut down with fewer player stickers. At the end of each group section comes a page dedicated to each stadium at which the teams will be playing their group matches, photos, bios and stats are included with a sticker of each stadium. The centre of the album contains a results tracker and a two-part Euro 96 Trophy sticker. Several pages look back through history at past championships, with stickers for the winner at each of the finals.

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Did you know...?

  • The Merlin Euro 96 football sticker album was issued with both portrait and action figures. The action figures set was withdrawn due to a dispute over the photographs! 
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