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"Merlin's F.A. Premier League 05 Sticker Collection is undoubtedly our finest collection so far. The album brings you closer to the action than ever before with a number of superb new features to look out for.

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Inside you'll discover great 'captain' and 'manager' features with in-depth profiles on each for all 20 clubs. We've also included full squad lists, a 'key player' section and a great new 'Starting XI' feature for all the teams.

This full-colour 128-page album includes all the latest player statistics and has 574 stickers to collect, including 18 special facsimile autograph portrait stickers for every club. There are great new captain and manager stickers to collect as well as 10 awesome stickers to fill in our latest 'new signings' section.

Merlin's F.A. Premier league 05 is the perfect fun guide to the 2004/05 season. With so many collectors around the world, you too can become a proud owner of this fantastic album. Happy collecting!"

- Topps Direct

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Merlin's Premier League 2005 Sticker Collection

  • Season: 2004/2005Merlin Premier League 2005 Album Cover
  • League: Premier League
  • Publisher: Merlin
  • Pages: 128
  • Stickers: 574
  • Shinys: Club Badges, Club Star Player, Premier League Trophy and Badge
  • Signature Edition: Yes
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No
  • Hardcover Binder: Yes
  • Sticker Dimensions: 54mm x 68mm & 61mm x 81mm

Merlin Premier League 2005 Sticker PacketThe familiar foreword from Premier League Chief Exec, Richard Scudamore, gets the 2005 sticker collection off to a start, jumping straight into the teams as you turn the page.

Merlin's FA Premier League 05 Official Sticker Collection differs from the later 2006 edition in that each team has three pages of players, with an additional "The Team" page at the end. This addition sees an extra 50 or so football stickers compared to the following year's collection.

The first page of each team contains of the badge shiny, team sticker, home and away stickers and a squad list. The facing page contains the club honours, top goalscorers from last season, along with a star player shiny and a club captain shiny. The captain also gets a couple of paragraphs dedicated to them.

Premie League 2005 No.36As mentioned above, the players are spread over the next three pages, all the usual detail here, shirt back, career summary, goal scored vs games played and the players vital stats. The final page contains "The Team", a quote from the manager alongside their sticker and some information, a starting eleven diagram and three 'Key Players' stickers.

The centre of the album contains four pages of 'New Signings', with a sticker per club, for their most noteworthy new player. Information accompanying each sticker inludes the transfer fee for each, as well as with a list of the other signings for that team.

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Did you know...?

  • Merlin produced a special transfer pack with 20 extra stickers, if you sent off to Merlin for it. 
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Merlin Premier League 2005 Stickers


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