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"Topps are proud to present the 23rd edition of the Barclays Premier League official sticker collection.

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This mega bumper album features all the biggest stars plus the latest stats and facts about your favourite teams! Over 500 sticker to collect including all team information starting XIs and Club Record as well as Special Star Player & Captain sticker!"

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Merlin's Premier League 2016 Sticker Collection

  • Season: 2015/2016Merlins Premier League 2016 Album Cover
  • League: Premier League
  • Publisher: Merlin aka Topps
  • Pages: 88
  • Stickers: 505
  • Shinys: League Trophy, Club Badges, Captains 
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: Yes
  • Hardcover Binder: No
  • Sticker Dimensions: 49mm x 68mm

Merlin Premier League 2016 Sticker Packet

The 23rd Premier League Official Sticker Collection 2016, arrived in December 2015, keeping the momentum rolling from Topps' revival last year of the first Merlin brand album since 2008. This second sticker album of the 'new age' continues to have the quality feel and tone of what we'd expect from Merlin. In keeping with last year's 2015 sticker album, we have the thick, solid covers and a good number of stickers. The cover font and layout also harks-back to the Merlin Premier League Sticker Collection 1994, evoking fond memories.

Richard Scudamore is giving us the run-down in the foreword again this year. It would be an interesting excercise to compare the photos of him since his first appearence in 2001, a 'Scudamore Timeline'! Next to his face are a two part shiny trophy sticker, a two part logo sticker, and the FA badge. Shockingly, we dont see Arsenal starting the album off, as they are forced to give A-Z bragging rights to AFC Bournemouth for the first time in the history of the Merlin / Topps Premier League series. 

Merlin Premier League 2016 Sticker Back No.1a

Each set of club pages start with a shiny badge sticker, two part team photos and a pair of shaped key player football stickers. The facing page also has a quote from the team manager and the team line-up. 3 more pages are provided for each club, with 6 football stickers per page each featuring a different squad member. Alongside each sticker is the usual stats and facts including number of games, goals and a key fact or two. The centre of the football sticker album features a Kits and Club Info section, and a Topps Online page. 5 pages of kits stickers also feature some quick-fire facts for each club, as well as the shaped kit stickers, one home and one away. 

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Did you know...?

  • This is the second Topps Premier League album to feature the much-loved 'Merlin' brand, having seen it come back in last-years 2015 album.
  • The 2016 Merlin Premier League Sticker Album is the first album in the series' history not to start with Arsenal! AFC Bournemouth have won the alphabet wars this year.


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Merlin Premier League 2016 Stickers


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