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"Arsenal took their second league title in three seasons despite a season during which it often looked as though the good points would be outnumbered by the bad points. A player brawl in a league fixture against Manchester United in October saw Arsenal have two points deducted, and a few weeks later captain Tony Adams was given a four-month prison sentence for drink-driving (he ended up serving 8 weeks). But Arsenal managed to keep up a great run of form throughout the season and were crowned league champions having lost just one league game all season long.

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Runners-up spot was achieved by Liverpool, who had led the table for much of the first half of the season but had been shell-shocked in February by the sudden resignation of manager Kenny Dalglish. Rangers boss Graeme Souness was brought in as his successor but was unable to bring a major trophy to Anfield. Third place in the league went to Crystal Palace, who occupied their highest-ever finish, but were denied qualification for the UEFA Cup due to Liverpool being readmitted to European competition a year earlier than anticipated.

Newly promoted Leeds United had a good season back in the First Division as they finished fourth but never really looked like challenging for the title. They did, however, reach the semi-finals of the League Cup, where they lost to Manchester United.

Down at the bottom end of the table, Derby County went down in bottom place with just five wins all season despite the 17 league goals of Welsh striker Dean Saunders, who was then sold to Liverpool. The final relegation place went to Sunderland on the last day of the season."

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Orbis Football Stickers


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Orbis Football Sticker Album

  • Season: 1990/1991Orbis Football Sticker Album Cover
  • League: Division One, Division Two, Division Three, Scottish Premier Division, Scottish Division One, Scottish Division Two
  • Publisher: Orbis
  • Pages: 106
  • Stickers: 630
  • Shinys: None!
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No
  • Hardcover Binder: No
  • Sticker Dimensions: 54 mm x 65 mm

Orbis Football Sticker Packet

This particular collection is an interesting one. Forming part of a larger weekly-instalment collection, the sticker book itself sits as the centre-piece of the Orbis publication. Here at we've only got the sticker album itself, so a few comments further on are based on what we've read elsewhere and from conversations with fellow sticker enthusiasts. The Orbis Football Sticker Album was released in 1990 and was a rather hefty collection for the time. With over 600 football stickers to get through, and a raft of other items to collect, including fact sheets presented in a ring binder, it was a bit of a beast! Other collectors have commented that this was something of a "bible" of facts and information.

Orbis Football Sticker Album No100Looking through the album, it's laid out very differently to the way we've become accustomed to seeing our stickers in various Panini and Merlin collections. The football stickers here are split into groups of player positions, including Managers, Strikers, Midfielders, Wingers, Defenders, Full Backs, Goalkeepers and, the special 'Record Breakers' section. Each of these sub-divisions has it's own sticker count starting from zero, with a letter label, such as M34 for Midfielder sticker 34.

At the start of each of the sections is a page details "What makes a...." with a list of skills and abilities that are important for each position. Then over the page the sections are each laid out with roughly six football stickers to a page, with a brief biography paragraph and basic statistics on each player present.

The Record Breakers section at the rear of the collection presents stickers for feats such as 'most appearances', 'most goals' and 'highest fee'. 

Checklist coming soon!

Did you know...?

  • Despite the goalie on the front cover of the Orbis Football Sticker album looking like the doppelganger of Joe Hart, it is in fact, Tottenham's Erik Thorstvedt.
  • The very same Erik Thorstvedt became the first ever Premier League substitute when he replaced Ian Walker in the first Premiership season in 1992.
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 Orbis Football Sticker Album Stickers


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