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Orbis History

We cant find much detail on Orbis, but they appear only to have released the one album in 1990 - we havent found anything before or since. Our suspicions are that (and we haven't yet double checked) that Orbis Publishing was founded in the UK in 1970, then bought out by the Italian DeAgostini group, becoming DeAgostini UK in 1999.



FKS Publishers History

FKS produced 'Picture Stamp Albums' from around 1965 and continued into the early 1980s. Unlike Panini stickers, the FKS collections required the collector to have their own glue to hand! According to 'Nigel's Webspace' the stickers were printed in Spain, but the albums in England, he goes on to point out that they were suspected to have gone bankrupt in 1987.




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Orbis Logo

 A one-off sticker collection released in 1990


Football League

Orbis Football Sticker Album CoverThe Orbis Football Sticker Album    




 FKS Logo

FKS Publishers

World Cup, European Championships & English First Division 1966 - 1982


World Cup



FKS Mexico 70 Album CoverFKS Mexico 70   FKS Germany 74 Album CoverFKS Germany 74
FKS Argentina 78 Album CoverFKS Argentina 78   FKS Spain 82 Album CoverFKS Spain 82




Football League



FKS Soccer Stars 1968 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1968   FKS Soccer Stars 1969 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1969
FKS Soccer Stars in Action 1970 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1970   FKS Soccer Stars 1971 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1971
FKS Soccer Stars 1972 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1972   FKS Soccer Stars 1973 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1973
FKS Soccer Stars 1974 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1974   FKS Soccer Stars 1975 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1975
FKS Euro Soccer Postcard Album 1975 Album CoverFKS Euro Soccer 75    
FKS Soccer Stars 1976 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1976   FKS Soccer Stars 1977 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1977
FKS Soccer Stars 1978 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 1978   FKS Golden Collection 1979
FKS Soccer Stars 80 Album CoverFKS Soccer Stars 80   FKS Soccer 81 Album CoverFKS Soccer 81
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