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"UEFA was just one year old when, 50 years ago, 16 teams from across Europe played the first round of the European Cup. The tournament has grown from strength to strength, especially since 1992 when the tournament was expanded and it became the UEFA Champions League.


I'm sure that all fans of football, young and old wherever they may live, would agree that Football in Europe would be poorer without this annual test of the best of the best.

This souvenir edition of football stickers is designed to commemorate an extraordinary half century, a truly remarkable competition and a preview to more great footballing moments in this anniversary season. I hope you enjoy it."


- Lennart Johansson, UEFA President


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Panini Champions of Europe 1955-2005 Official Stickers Collection

  • Season: 1955-2005Panini Champions of Europe 1955-2005 Album Cover
  • League: Champions League
  • Publisher: Panini
  • Pages: 48
  • Stickers: 384
  • Shinys: Club Badge
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No
  • Hardcover Binder: No
  • Sticker Dimensions: 54mm x 68mm

Panini Champions of Europe 1955-2005 Sticker Packet

Panini started their examination of the European club scene in 2000 with the UEFA Champions League 1999-2000 Official Sticker collection. This series continued for a further 2 years before disappearing from our shelves. This collection, the Panini Champions of Europe 1955-2005 could be considered to be a stop-gap between the end of the first group of the Champions League albums and the current series that picked up again in 2007.

Panini Champions of Europe 1955-2005 Sticker Back No.170The Champions of Europe 1955-2005 is a 50 year commemorative album of the European Cup, later to become the Champions League. It looks back at a selection of the teams that have over the years been involved in the cup, and the winners. Opening the album, the first page shows a brief intro from the UEFA President Lennart Johansson, before listing the winners of the cup, in its various forms, since 1955 when Real Madrid first won. There are 5 football stickers here on the first page, the first is a UEFA badge, and the remainder show winners up to 1965. Over the page, the winners list by year continues for a further 4 pages, with stickers showing the winning teams.

The teams begin after this, with Ajax first of all. Each team are spread across a pair of pages, and are very similar in style and layout to the other Champions League albums that have come before and since. There is a shiny club badge, then 7 squad football stickers on the first page, and a further 9 squad football stickers opposite. 21 teams in total are included, and they're presented in alphabetical order. The final two football stickers on the last page are a two part trophy sticker.


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Did you know...?

  • The Panini Champions of Europe 1955-2005 Official Stickers Collection was the first album to appear covering European club competitions since the 2002 album. It would be another two years before the series continued again, with the 2006 Champions league series, which has gone on successfully since.
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 Panini Champions of Europe 1955-2005 Stickers


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