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Panini Football 2003 Sticker Collection

  • Season: 2002/2003Panini Football 2003 Album Cover
  • League: Premier League
  • Publisher: Panini
  • Pages: Unknown
  • Stickers: Unknown
  • Shinys: Club Badges, Star Players
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No! Very much no!
  • Hardcover Binder: No

Panini Football 2003 - the football sticker album that never was! This particular football sticker collection was on the UK newsagents shelves for all of 4 days before it was sent back to the distributors. Cheeky Panini published the album using photographs that were licensed exclusively for Topps/Merlin's use. Unsurprisingly Topps threw a wobbler when the album appeared in shops, and it was swiftly removed. Unlike prior Panini albums where the Professional Football Association's affiliation enabled them to show the same players but without reference to club badges or premier league logos, this time Panini left all the logos in place.

The specifics of the case are as follows;
"The FA Premier League and the football clubs in the Premier League gave Topps an exclusive licence to produce sticker albums. Topps had a special one-off right to take photographs of the players and produce cards. The Premier League and the football clubs owned the copyright in the designs on the badges and logos. Panini created an album with stickers of players containing a substantial part of those logos and badges. The Premier League, the football clubs and Topps applied for an injunction to stop Panini’s copyright infringement. In its defence, Panini claimed that the logos and badges were merely “incidental” to the photographs and it therefore had a defence under Section 31 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. The High Court judge said “incidental” meant “casual, inessential, subordinate or merely background”. In this case, the inclusion was more than incidental, as without the badges Panini would not have had a complete."
- Paul Gershlick, MAB Law LLP

The album nowadays is incredibly rare, going for several hundred pounds when they seldomly appear on eBay. This is one of those occasions where you wish you could go back in time and buy every copy you could in the four days it was in the shops. We here at havent yet been able to track one down, so we're not able to give you an album review unfortunately. But you never know, one might drop through the letterbox some day soon!


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Did you know...?

  • Panini even wrote "Unofficial" there on the front cover!
  • This collection inlcuded shiny 'Star Player' stickers, that we would normally only expect to see in Merlin or Topps collections. 
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