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"Bob Paisley’s last season as Liverpool manager ended on a high as they topped the First Division with a comfortable lead. Bob Paisley retired as Liverpool manager with a record 21 prizes in nine years. His successor was long-serving coach Joe Fagan. Newly promoted Watford were the shock of the season, finishing in second place in their first ever season in the top flight.

English PFA LogoManchester City were relegated despite a four-year spending spree totalling around £5million. Swansea City were also relegated after only their second season as a First Division club. They had finished sixth a year earlier and at several stages had topped the league table. Brighton & Hove Albion joined them on the way down."

- Wikipedia

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Panini Football 83 Sticker Album

  • Season: 1982/1983Panini Football 83 Album Cover
  • League: Division One, Division Two, Scottish Premier Division
  • Publisher: Panini
  • Pages: 68
  • Stickers: 527
  • Shinys: Club Badges
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No
  • Hardcover Binder: No
  • Sticker Dimensions: 41mm x 76mm 

Panini Football 83 Sticker PacketThe inside cover contains fixture tables for the first and second divisions, the facing page shows a contents list, and the stickers for Football League, PFA, Scottish Football League and SPFA. Over the page, a new pair of pages don't contain any football stickers, but do show the league tables from the last season and the honours sheet for 1981-1982 including world cup, UEFA cup, FA cup and footballing awards.

The Panini Football 83 Sticker Album gets cracking on page 4 with... you guessed it - Arsenal! The football stickers in this edition take on a new format, they're tall portrait stickers, with each player making a jaunty pose with one foot on a football. It's certainly a good look, to go along with some amazingly bad 80's haircuts. Where perms ever really fashionable?! That's one for another website I suppose. The club layouts for the English Division One's football stickers is pretty neat and tidy, the left hand page shows the team photo sticker, shiny club badge and manager in a box at the top, with honours list and team info. Squeezed in alongside is the sticker for the club goalie. Below this are 4 of the long portrait players stickers, with a brief bio below each. On the facing page are a further 8 stickers, making 13 squad members in total.

Panini Football 83 No.499Just past half-way into the football sticker album the English Second Division gets allocated 4 pages, as usual there are only the badge and team photo sticker. The badge shiny or 'foil' as Panini like to refer to them, are half-sized stickers here, so two to a single sticker in your packet. The half-sized stickers continue into the Scottish Premier Division section, where the players are each two to a sticker. There is a full sized team photo and badge shiny in the middle of each page - only one page per team.

The Panini Football 83 Sticker Album closes with three double-spreads showing "The Laws of the Game". A pretty nifty feature listing the rules and laws of Football according to FIFA, each law gets one or several stickers to illustrate it - the offside rule is a doozie! 

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Panini Football 83 Stickers



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