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“I am very happy this year to associate myself and my Soccer School with Panini stickers. I know how popular Panini stickers are from the number of youngsters who bring them to my Soccer Schools to swop and be autographed.

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1986 is going to be an exciting year for soccer and the World Cup will once again be the greatest sporting event in the calendar. I have linked the competition on the back page to the World Cup and I hope that you will all enter ant dry to win a week at my Soccer School, where you will meet some of Britain’s World Cup stars.
I hope that you are enjoying your soccer this season and that you continue to improve. It is very important that you always perform to the best of your ability and in the most sporting manner.

You are the future of the game as players and spectators. I hope you continue to enjoy the greatest game in the world and I wish you the best of luck with your collecting.”

- Bobby Charlton

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Panini Football 86 Sticker Album

  • Season: 1985/1986Panini Football 86 Album Cover
  • League: Division One, Division Two, Scottish Premier Division
  • Publisher: Panini
  • Pages: 72
  • Stickers: 574
  • Shinys: Club Badges, European Cup, Cup-Winners Cup, UEFA Cup
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No
  • Hardcover Binder: No
  • Sticker Dimensions: 49mm x 74mm

Panini Football 86 Sticker PacketThe Panini Football 86 Sticker Album is no different to the Panini Football Sticker Albums of the past few years - first page contains an introduction (this year from Bobby Charlton), and  there are stickers for the PFA and SPFA player and young player of the year. Also here is the manager of the year sticker. Which wend to Howard Kendall, for leading Everton to four majot trophies in 13 months no less!

The 86 football album introduces a new feature this year, sitting just beneath the team photo sticker is a large black and white photograph of a team from the past. The oldest team we can see in the album appears to be Aston Villa, with a team photo from 1899 in which nearly all of the players are sporting massive mustaches. Nice!

As well as the black and white photo and team sticker, there 8 squad stickers on the bottom half of the page, one of which is the manager. Facing is the team shiny badge with a section showing team information, below this are a further 6 squad members. Bios for each player are in a single column down the left of the second page.

As a result of the 1986 UEFA ban, the album chooses to look back over 30 year of European football, so the feature "Victory in Europe" shows shaped cutout stickers from various moments in European club history. There are also shiny stickers here for each major European club event. 

Once the First Division teams are complete there is a double-spread of 'FA Cup Highlights', with some more shiny stickers and a sticker for each year 1975-85. The Second Division teams are 5 to a page showing just the team photo and badge shiny. Scottish Premier Division teams follow, with a page per team, and half sized stickers per player.

The album is finished off with 'Collectors Corner' showing the 1985-86 match programmes.

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