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Panini was founded in 1961 with the launch of its first Calciatori/Football Players collection. The founders, the Panini brothers, had already opened a news stand on Corso Duomo in Modena in 1945 and by 1954 had started the Panini Brothers Newspaper Distribution Office.

In 1988, the company was sold to the Maxwell Group, then bought by Bain Gallo Cuneo and De Agostini in 1992. Panini then joined the Marvel Entertainment Group. On October 8th, 1999, Panini was bought by Vittorio Merloni's Fineldo SpA, an Italian conglomerate engaged in the manufacture of various consumer products and financing businesses, together with the Senior Management of Panini.

The Panini Group, with headquarters in Modena, Italy is today the world leader in the collectables and trading cards market.

It was not until 1978 that Panini came to the UK in force with Football '78. Since then, Panini has published a diverse range of sticker collections, from football collections, to pop, to TV series, along with Disney collections and great toy brands such as Barbie™ and Action Man. Some of the most popular current collections include The Simpsons, The Champions League and the Scottish Premier League. Although Panini is most famous for its sticker collections, it has a range of other products, such as trading cards, telephone cards and children's comics and magazines.

Did you know...?

We've been contacted by a former Panini employee who has confirmed rumours that suggested Merlin Publishing was initially formed by ex-Panini employees who left the firm when it was bought by the Maxwell Corporation! Our contact says that Peter Dunk, the Panini editor and the sales director Kelvyn Gardner, both set up Merlin with a third individual who'd worked previously at WHSmiths.

This contact also gave us some very interesting information regarding the market surveys done one year in the mid-80's - "over 90% of 9-11 year old males had purchased Panini football stickers that year". Astonishing figures there from this source who went on to describe the product as "selling itself". Thank you for the interesting information!





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Champions League

Panini Champions League 2000 Album CoverChampions League 1999-2000 Panini Champions League 2001 Album CoverChampions League 2000-2001
Panini Champions League 2002 Album CoverChampions League 2001-2002 Panini Champions of Europe 1955-2005 Album CoverChampions of Europe 1955-05
Panini Champions League 2007 Album CoverChampions League 2006-2007 Panini Champions League 2008 Album CoverChampions League 2007-2008
Panini Champions League 2009 Album CoverChampions League 2008-2009 Panini Champions League 2010 Album CoverChampions League 2009-2010
Panini Champions League 2011 Album CoverChampions League 2010-2011 Panini Champions League 2012 Album CoverChampions League 2011-2012
Panini Champions League 2013 Album CoverChampions League 2012-2013 Panini Champions League 2014 Album CoverChampions League 2013-2014
Panini Champions League 2014 Album CoverChampions League 2014-2015 See our Topps page for Champions 
League albums 2016 onwards!



World Cup


Euro Championships

Panini World Cup Story 1990 Album CoverWorld Cup Story 1990   Panini Euro Football 77 Album CoverEuro Football 76-77 (domestic)
Panini All-Time Greats 1920-1990 Album CoverAll-Time Greats 1920-1990    
Panini World Cup 70 Mexico Album CoverMexico '70    
Panini World Cup 74 Germany Album CoverGermany '74    
Panini World Cup 78 Argentina Album CoverArgentina '78   Panini Europa 80 Italy Album CoverEuro 80 Italy
Panini World Cup 82 Spain Album CoverSpain '82   Panini Euro 84 Album CoverEuro 84 France
Panini World Cup 86 Mexico Album CoverMexico '86   Panini Euro 88 Album CoverEuro 88 West Germany
Panini World Cup 90 Italy Album CoverItaly '90   Panini Euro 92 Album CoverEuro 92 Sweden
Panini World Cup USA 94 Album CoverUSA '94   Panini Euro 96 England Album CoverEuro 96 England
Panini World Cup 98 France Album CoverFrance '98   Panini Euro 2000 Album CoverEuro 2000 Belgium/Netherlands
Panini World Cup 2002 Korea Japan Album CoverKorea/Japan 2002   Panini Euro 2004 Album CoverEuro 2004 Portugal
Panini World Cup 2006 Germany Album CoverGermany 2006   Panini Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland Album CoverEuro 2008 Austria/Switzerland
Panini World Cup 2010 South Africa Album CoverSouth Africa 2010   Panini Euro 2012 Album CoverEuro 2012 Poland/Ukraine
Panini World Cup 2014 Brazil Album CoverBrazil 2014   Panini England 2016 Album CoverEngland 2016
Panini World Cup 2018 Russia Album CoverRussia 2018   Panini Euro 2016 Album CoverEuro 2016



Football League (English)

Panini Football 78 Album CoverFootball '78   Panini Football 79 Album CoverFootball '79
Panini Football 80 Album CoverFootball '80   Panini Football 81 Album CoverFootball '81
Panini Football 82 Album CoverFootball '82   Panini Football 83 Album CoverFootball '83
Panini Football 84 Album CoverFootball '84   Panini Football 85 Album CoverFootball '85
Panini Football 86 Album CoverFootball '86   Panini Football 87 Album CoverFootball '87
Panini Football 88 Album CoverFootball '88   Panini Football 89 Album CoverFootball '89
Panini Football 90 Album CoverFootball '90   Panini Football 1991 Album CoverFootball '91
Panini Football 1992 Album CoverFootball '92   Panini Football 93 Album CoverFootball '93
Panini Football League 95 Album CoverFootball League '95   Panini Football League 96 Album CoverFootball League '96
Panini Super Players 96 Album CoverSuper Players '96   Panini 1st Division 1997 Album Cover1st Division 1997
Panini Football 97 Album CoverPFA Players '97   Panini Super Players 98 Album CoverSuper Players '98
Panini Football 2003 Album CoverFootball 2003   Panini Championship 2009 Album CoverChampionship 2009
Panini Championship 2010 Album CoverChampionship 2010   Panini Championship 2011 Album CoverChampionship 2011
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Panini Royal Wedding Sticker Album CoverRoyal Wedding Souvenier Collection

Panini London 2012 Album CoverLondon 2012 Olympics

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