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"The npower Championship is absolutely red hot this season. And you just knoow it's going to keep you gripped all the way to those nail-biting play-offs in May.

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The Panini npower Championship 2011 Official Sticker Collection will make it even more fun - if that's possible! Packed with stats, cfascinating facts, action shots, star players and internationals, you'll want to fill it up well before this rollercoaster of a season is over.

Collect the teams (especially your own!), swap with your friends and win, lose or draw, we hope you enjoy every twist and turn of this classic season with us. It's great to have you along for the ride!"

- Panini 

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Panini nPower Championship Official Sticker Collection 2011

  • Panini Championship 2011 Album CoverSeason: 2010-2011
  • League: English Championship
  • Publisher: Panini
  • Pages: 56
  • Stickers: 386
  • Shinys: Club Badges
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No
  • Hardcover Binder: No
  • Sticker Dimensions: 54mm x 68mm

Panini Championship 2011 Sticker Packet

2011 sees nPower taking over from Coca Cola as the official sponsor for the English Championship. So, they get their name plastered over the Panini nPower Championship Official Sticker Collection 2011. The inside cover lists the clubs in the league who appear in the album, as well as the pages which show 'Internationals' special football stickers. Opposite is a brief introduction (here on the left), as well as the league trophy sticker and a special 50 year commemorative sticker.

Barnsley kick off the first of the club pages. These each open with 3 standard stickers - a club shiny badge, team kit and team photograph sticker. Then the players themselves are split into 2 per sticker, so that the stickers are actually 2 to a back. This gives space for 16 player football stickers. Supplemented with two star player stickers which are full size and another pair of football stickers for the team captain - this one comes in two parts.

In three parts throughout the album are special 'Internationals' sections, looking at players in the championship who represent their home nations such as Brian Stock and Robert Koren. Watford round off the album with their club page last.

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Did you know...?

  • 2011 was nPower's first season sponsoring the Championship
  • Danny Graham of Watford was the top scorer in the 2011 season with 24 goals!


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