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"The biggest and best football league in the world is back for another action packed season. What better way to keep up with all the news than with this fantastic sticker collection featuring all the biggest names in the F.A. Premiership.

Premier League LogoFootball is widely recognised as the most popular sport on the planet and the Premier League is one of the most illustrious domestic leagues in world football. With extensive media coverage, mega-money transfers and a vast legion of adoring fans, the Premiership is everyone's favourite topic of conversation and the modern footballer is now more than just a sportsman - he's a Superstar.

This season the Premiership is brimming with more talent than ever and your F.A. Premier League SuperStars sticker collection features them all in stunning action photography. From established stars like last season's Player of the Year David Ginola and Golden Boot winner Michael Owen, to a host of new faces including World Cup winners Thierry Henry and Didier Deschamps.

As well as all the stars of the Premier League, there's also a special feature focusing on the megastars of Italy's Serie A and including some of the world's most talented footballers. This fantastic feature gives football fans an exciting insight into some of the biggest names in soccer.

Crammed with action and featuring the biggest stars, there's no better way to kick off the 1999/2000 season than with this fantastic F.A. Premier League SuperStars Sticker Collection."

- Topps

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Topps F.A. Premier League SuperStars

  • Season: 1998-1999Topps Premier League Superstars Album Cover
  • League: Premier League
  • Publisher: Topps
  • Pages: 24
  • Stickers: 114
  • Shinys: International SuperStars
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: No
  • Hardcover Binder: No
  • Sticker Dimensions: 54mm x 68mm

Topps Premier League SuperStars Sticker PacketThe Topps F.A. Premier League SuperStars football sticker album, from 1999 is another odd one. This is the first time Topps published a football sticker collection under their Topps name. Until this point, Topps had been publishing their albums using the trading name Merlin, which they'd been using for the 'Premier League' series that begun in 1994 with them being given the FA license ahead of Panini. We suspect this was just a test-bed for Topps, to see if the UK market would be open to Topps entering the market and whether they'd be able to switch across from the Merlin name. As it took another 10 years before Topps did this, we suspect it didn't work out quite as planned!

Topps Premier League SuperStars No.63The album differs from the usual Premier League collection in that it is much smaller, with only 114 stickers in the entire album! The opening page has an introduction and two football stickers, the first is the Player of the Year from 1998/99, and the second is the Golden Boot Winner. The rest of the album shows 5 stickers per football club - each of which are assigned a single page. There are 4 'superstars' from each club, as well as one sticker each showing a 'Star Player' or 'Star Signing'. Each football sticker also shows the player's positing, age and home country. The star player sticker additionally includes the number of appearances, goals and strike rate. Star signings stickers show the details of the transfer, such as amount and from where.

There is an 'International SuperStars' feature at the centre of the album, which have some of the SuperStars from leagues around the globe. These football stickers are glitter shiny stickers. Also included at the centre is a special 'Champions League Tracker' poster.

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Did you know...?

  • This was a one off collection from Topps - there've not been any more SuperStars collections. 
  • Topps F.A. Premier League SuperStars is the first album released in the UK showing the Topps trading name. Until this point, Topps had published all their albums under the Merlin trading name.
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Topps Premier Leage Superstars Stickers



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