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Founded in 1938 by Amercians the Shorin brothers as a confectionary company, The Topps Company Inc. is today an international marketer of entertainment products, principally sticker collections, collectible trading cards and trading card games.

In 1951 Topps created the first modern day sports trading card set and has continued to set the standard for quality and innovation to the present day. Starting in 1950's with entertainment cards for Elvis Presley and The Beatles then Charlie's Angels, E.T. and Batman, Topps have published some of the top contemporary entertainment properties.

Topps arrived in the UK as 'Topps Europe' in 1989, trading as Merlin Publishing Ltd and quickly grew to become a major player in the European market for collectable stickers. The company's official Premier League football collection won rave reviews when it was launched in 1994 and has become, annually, the world's best selling sticker collection. By 1995, the company's progress was such that it won the prestigious Price Waterhouse/Independent on Sunday award for the fastest growing privately held British company

In 1995 The Topps Company Inc. acquired Merlin Publishing giving Topps a larger global presence, particularly in Europe, and a new format for bringing valuable properties to collectors and fans. Topps Europe Limited continues to produce a wide and varied range of sports and entertainment collectables across Europe. Its range of products now includes stickers, albums, cards and binders, magazines, stationery and even temporary tattoos!





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Premier League

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albums pre-2009
Topps Premier League 2009 Album CoverTotal Football 2009   Topps Premier League 2010 Album CoverPremier League 2010
Topps Premier League 2011 Album CoverPremier League 2011   Topps Premier League 2012 Album CoverPremier League 2012
Topps Premier League 2013 Album CoverPremier League 2013   Topps Premier League 2014 Album CoverPremier League 2014
Merlins Premier League 2015 Album CoverPremier League 2015   Merlins Premier League 2016 Album CoverPremier League 2016

Champions League

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albums pre-2016
Topps Champions League 2016 Album CoverChampions League 2016    



World Cup


Euro Championships

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albums pre-2010
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albums pre-2012
Topps England 2010 Album CoverEngland 2010 South Africa   Topps England 2012 Album CoverEngland Euro 2012
Topps England 2014 Album CoverEngland 2014 Brazil    






Topps Premier League Superstars Album CoverFA Premier League SuperStars  




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