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"Celebrating of the world’s biggest club competition, Topps are proud to announce the launch of the all-new UEFA Champions League official sticker collection for the 2015/16 season.


This amazing collection features all the latest performance data, player statistics and group information for all 32 qualified teams, making it the ultimate accompaniment to the 2015/16 competition."

-Topps Football

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Topps UEFA Champions League 2015-2016 Sticker Collection

  • Season: 2015/2016Topps Champions League 2016 Album Cover
  • League: Champions League
  • Publisher: Topps
  • Pages: 96
  • Stickers: 681
  • Shinys: Club Badge, Key Players
  • Signature Edition: No
  • Star Ratings: No
  • 3D: No
  • Album Available: Yes
  • Hardcover Binder: No
  • Sticker Dimensions: 49mm x 68mm

Topps Champions League 2016 Sticker PacketWell well well, the UEFA Champions League Sticker Collection 2015-2016 has Topps in the bottom corner! To our knowledge, this is the first time since its beginnings in 1999 that Panini have not produced the Champions League Sticker Album. It really is all-change at the moment, with Panini taking on England 2016, Merlin brand coming back for the Premier League and now Topps producing the Champions League album. Quite the rejuvination this season for football sticker collections. Perhaps Topps and Panini put all their album titles into a raffle machine and turn a few turns each - just to liven things up?

Back to the album itself, we can see from the front cover that the familiar design approach has been maintained from the recent Champions League collections, produced previously by Panini. Topps have not tried to 're-launch' the album, instead keeping it fairly consistent with, blue shades and the big trophy and logos. It still feels like the Champions League album that we've become used to from Panini. Speaking of trophy and logo, these are the first football stickers we come across when opening the album cover, with a pair of shiny stickers for each, seated alongside the contents listing. The sticker album is arranged in Groups A-H, with some additional sticker sections at the rear.


Each Group is kicked-off with a double-spread showing football stickers for each of the clubs in that Group. For each club there is a star player shiny sticker and a home and away kit cutout. There's also a club summary with competition ranking and overall competition statistics for that club. The clubs themselves are each allocated a double-spread with a total of 14 football stickers, two of which are half stickers giving an A and B at the end of the page to squeeze in two extra squad members. The left page has the shiny club badge, a photo of the manager and 6 player stickers. Here the star player is also presented with a shiny sticker, which is marked on the page by a green box background, instead of the blue used elsewhere.

Champions League 2016 No.6

Lyon fans will be a little dissapointed upon reaching the end of the album, as their club summary and kit is present, but they've been missed out entirely for their main football stickers pages at the end of Group H! I wonder if there will be a re-print issued by Panini to rectify that at some stage.

There are boxes to complete the scores along the Road the Final, with two-part stickers for the stadium and final celebrations. Players to Watch is the next section, with a few more green backgrounds indicating shiny stickers to collect here. The album is rounded-out with stickers from the finals over the years, Most Goals, and then a page for the Women's Champions League and the Youth Champions League.

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Did you know...?

  • This is the first time that Pannini have not produced the Champions League album since the first one was released in 1999.
  • Olympique Lyonnais aka Lyon, appear to have been missed out of the album! With the Group H section only showing 3 teams instead of 4.
  • Shiny stickers are marked throught the album by green backgrounds, instead of blue.

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